The Concept

The concept of personal training is as old as the hills. I am referring to the idea of seeking help from an expert to enhance any aspect of your life. Charles Dickens could not always write, Leonardo da Vinci was not always a great painter and I am sure Marie Curie was not always a natural physicist. These people became successful because of the great and influential people they chose to learn from and be guided by. If you really wanted to play the piano well, just imagine how much better you could get if Mozart dropped over for an hour a week. The same idea stands true with improving your fitness or combat skills. Advice, motivation and accountability gets results.



The foundation to our success is that we truly live, breathe and believe in kickboxing and boxing fitness. We love sharing our passion and helping you achieve your goals.


Exercise and nutrition advice deeply rooted in evidence-based research and science means no guesswork, and fantastic results for you.


Our wealth of experience in kickboxing, MMA and boxing means creative and motivational exercise programs that offer challenges just within your reach. You'll love the success you achieve every time you train with us.


It's All About You

What is wrong with just going to the gym with a friend? The answer is nothing! I highly recommend it! But by its nature it can never be as good as exercising with a trainer. A trainer is always ready to do a session. Because it is one-on-one the pace is never too fast or too slow. They are never interrupted by mobile phone calls or chatting with friends. With a trainer you do not have to take turns on equipment. A trainer does not have a slack day. They know your favourite drink and the music you like to listen to most. There simply is no better why to exercise.


Pushing The Limits

A great personal trainer has the ability and experience to see your potential and offer challenges just within your grasp. When you work on the edge of your capacity your improvement goes off the charts. The feeling that comes with pushing your limits and breaking records is absolutely euphoric.


Whip Crack

There is nothing like an appointment to keep you honest. The accountability that comes with a weekly activity report might just inspire that extra run. Knowing the ice cream after dinner will need to be entered into your food diary could lead you to choose a banana instead. These are little motivators that translate to massive results.


What Can Personal Training Do For You?

There are many different outcomes people are seeking when it comes to their fitness, each of us is individual. Irrespective of what they are, our primary job as your trainer is to help you set goals and motivate you to achieve them, no matter what it takes. At Destination Fitness we have helped our clients successfully lose weight, increase muscle mass or build fitness and skills for competition. As diet is inherently important to improving any type of fitness, nutritional advice is a part of every program.


The Studio Advantage

There is no question about it, Destination Fitness studio training is as good as it gets and represents a new wave of intimate, client-centred training. We strive to provide an alternative to the impersonal, sterile environment of corporate gyms with orderly rows of treadmills and machines. Our open floor plan, the soft puzzle mats, the comprehensive weights gym and apparatus, and the full sized show ring have all been intentionally designed to facilitate the best possible training experience. Never wait for equipment, plug in your own music, none of your 'favourite' gym characters, just you and your trainer working towards one goal. Some people like the privacy, others see it as a time just for them, being able to focus on their training without distraction. It really is just a little slice of training heaven that is all about YOU.


Complementary Session

If you haven't experienced training at Destination Fitness before, take advantage of our 100% complementary, no obligation, introductory session. Just come and see how much you'll love training at Cairns' premiere kickboxing, MMA and boxing fitness studio!


Our formula for sucess = ( PASSION + SCIENCE + EXERCISE )