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To have the best combat sports gym you need to have the best trainers. Every trainer at Destination Fitness has trained, fought and lived combat fitness. With backgrounds in kickboxing, MMA, boxing, may thai, taekwondo, karate, aikido and zendo, this collection of trainers are truly martial arts stars. We have great equipment too, but at the end of the day it is what you do with it that counts. Expect to learn more and more every time you train with a Destination Fitness trainer.

Jesse Zell


The innovator behind the Destination Fitness brand Jesse Zell has dedicated his life to the performance, instruction, and science of fitness through combat. His success in the ring is stifled only by his commitment and desire to share his passion with others. You will find him on any night of the week at the gym instructing or taking one of the array of classes at Destination Fitness.


Jesse was born in Cairns to hippy parents obsessed with heath and clean living.


After winning all regional cross-country competitions in the FNQ region Jesse was selected on the peninsular team.


At the age of fifteen Jesse was one of the youngest students ever to complete their certificate 3 in fitness.


He placed first in the FNQ Suncorp games junior white water kayak slalom.


Jesse was awarded his senior black belt two years ahead of the regulation age.


Commenced study at the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movement Studies. It was in this world renowned academic institution Jesse developed an appreciation of seeking the truth using evidence based study from the likes Dr Richard Tinning and Dr Vaun kippers and Dr Cliff Mallett to name a few.


Jesse had his first competitive open black belt fight in the Queensland state championships against the then national number one Neil Calpithweight. He went the full three rounds and could not be stopped.


He placed 7th in the national taekwondo titles in Homebush Sydney and in the same year defeated the reigning champion under 72kg number one Daniel Heartman at the Tans International on the Gold Coast.


At the age 22 Jesse started to put theory to practice as a personal trainer at club BJ’s in Brisbane. His enjoyment in this appointment cemented his commitment to working in the health and fitness industry.


Jesse’s commitment to producing only the finest quality work saw him graduated HMS with honors and the highest possible teaching accolade, a teacher suitability 1 rating


Jesse accepted his first placement as a health and physical education teacher at Gordonvale State High School. In this position he worked alongside the cowboys development squads to coach both the under 15’s and open rugby league teams all the way to grand finial victory. This still remains one of his most rewarding sporting accomplishments as either a participant or administrator.


Jesse accepted a position as a HPE and science teacher at the well respected nursery of North Queensland sports stars, Cairns State high School. In the appointment he had the privilege of working with some of the nations most renowned soccer coaches. Brian Stopford and Geoff Mase. They taught him the intricacies of leading great teams to victory.

2006 - 07

He undertook a two-year world tour that saw him throw off the shackles of the 9-5 work hours of the western world instead adopting a lifestyle high in adventure and rich in culture. Over this time his experiences were varied beyond imagination. Some of the high lights included three months snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, sailing through the Caribbean Islands from Panama to Columbia, learning Espanol in the mountains of Guatemala, painting houses in Colorado, boxing in Mexico, pulling pints in London, land crossing into Iran and Pakistan and the train rides of India.


mid the culture shock of returning to Australia Jesse launched back into the fitness industry with the creation of Destination Fitness studios in his hometown of Cairns. With the years involved in competitive training and the delivery of health and exercise programs Jesse has harnessed a medium to truly share his passion for health and exercise.

Patrick Doherty


Patrick has a trophy cabinet that would make any professional athlete jealous. Immersed in a culture of health and exercise from and early age, Patrick has continued to perform to a high level across a wide range of competitive sports. Don’t be fooled be his clean-cut appearance and gentle nature, Patrick is the regions leading muay thai practitioner and current Australian Champion. Outside of his own achievements Patrick is an inspirational trainer who uses his experience training as a professional athlete, and transforms it into the kickboxing group fitness classes that are so popular at Destination Fitness today. Patrick understands more than anyone, the health benefits of kickboxing training, and loves sharing this passion with everyone at Destination Fitness.


Patrick Doherty was born in Brisbane to a family that encouraged recreational and competitive sport. Peter, Patrick’s father was not only accredited in sports medicine and massage but was also involved with high level teams including early Queensland Origin and A grade soccer sides. With this kind of heritage Patrick’s future in the fitness industry was sealed at birth.


Patrick singed on to the under 5’s Mitchelton soccer club.


Patrick saves a goal in extra time to play a major part in the Mitchelton mustangs grand final victory.

1991 – 97

Patrick was selected on every representative metropolitan soccer team. Patrick excelled in any sport with a ball and loved the social aspect of team sports.


He tried his hand at baseball and when he realised he had a natural talent for the game accepted a position on the Queensland development squad and in the Brisbane Bandits junior team. This elite group toured the United States, an experience that remains high on the list of Patrick’s sporting achievements. His performance over the years was recognised and his name can be found on the Pine Hills Unicorns honour role.


Patrick started Muay Thai kickboxing at NTG in Brisbane and it's a passion that he continues to enjoy and compete in to this day.

2006 - 07

He packed up and left Australia for two years on a foreign adventure. Some highlights included training with past world champion kickboxers in London, Running Of The Bulls in Spain, watching Muay Thai in Thailand, snow boarding in Austria, Sailing in Croatia, competing in the Kickboxing Championships in Wales and working for YMCA gyms in London.


Patrick took his love of fitness to the next level with official study at the Australian Institute of Applied Science. He topped the class and received his Certificate III and IV in fitness. With years of experience participating in and coaching various levels of fitness activity this formal training armed Patrick with the know-how to get the most from his training and help others get the most from theirs.


This year sore Patrick win all of his seven Muay Thai Kickboxing fights, most by way of knock out in the first round, one of which was the WMC North Queensland Amateur Title, this earnt him his fight name ‘The KO King’.


This year witnessed a number if significant achievements for Patrick. Firstly Patrick had a major victory in his first Pro Fight win by way of KO in the second round against a top 10 professional ranked fighter in Australia. Most importantly though, Patrick teamed up with HPE teacher and founder of Destination Fitness Jesse Zell to open Destination Fitness’ specialised kickboxing group fitness studio.


This year included many new projects for Destination Fitness, including the expansion of their studio to include a competition ring and weights studio and was the start of their fighters development program, competing under the name 'The Fight Academy'. Patrick took on no.1 contender for the OTBA Australian Pro Title Jesse Booth, where Patrick delivered a devastating 2nd round KO. This surprise victory not only earnt him a shot at the OTBA Aussie Title later in the year but an offer to fight for the ISKA Aussie Pro Title also. He once again put on an outstanding performance and knocked out Demetrie Iliev from Sydney to earn his first professional national title belt. Patrick followed this up with an outstanding title defence against Tom Lello from Brisbane, where he battled it out against an experienced fighter to take a points victory in one of the most action packed fights of his career. With bigger fights already booked and with the new expansion to the Destination Fitness kickboxing studio there is no stopping Patrick and his trainer Dylan Bradley and The Fight Academy team from Destination Fitness.


Our formula for sucess = ( PASSION + SCIENCE + EXERCISE )