Group Fitness


The focus of Destination Fitness is and always will be heath and fitness, and we have designed a way you can enjoy the experience. Along with the personal training and our fighters development aspect of Destination Fitness, our most popular service is our fun and exciting kickboxing based group fitness classes which are at the forefront of innovation and design. Participants can enjoy the fun and challenge of kickboxing and boxing training without stress of sparing or dull nature of complicated patterns. With state of the art safety equipment provided and fully qualified kickboxing, MMA and boxing instructors that have real fight experience you will get an unmatched combat work out.

There are a numerous scientific journals that describe the benefits of this kind of high intensity interval training for weight loss, muscle tone and so on. Our kickboxing group fitness classes use this science in an exciting and challenging way, making you forget it's exercise… There really is no better way to get or stay in shape.

We have participants from all walks of life and of varying skills and abilities, grandmas and professional athletes regularly train happily side be side at Destination Fitness. Our classes are structured specifically to provide a challenge to all participants and the energy in the room is an amazing sight to see. So come down and enjoy your complementary introductory session to see how much you'll love training at Destination Fitness.


The Studio

The Destination Fitness' open floor plan and safety equipment is designed to facilitate the best possible kickboxing and boxing group training experience. Along with the open floor space, we also have a comprehensive weights gym, training apparatus and a full sized show ring. These have been integrated into our group kickboxing sessions and serve to make for highly varied, challenging and stimulating class atmosphere. For the self-motivated our gym is a great place to ensure every component of you fitness is thoroughly addressed.

From the beginning we have focused on developing a community through exercise. The team of committed exercise professional along with your team of new friends are the ever-present voice of reason that means you are never alone. We love the Destination Fitness studio and we know you will too.


Essential Items to Bring

At Destination Fitness we provide all the state of the art kickboxing and boxing safety equipment. We just ask you to bring a towel, wear light clothing, bring a water bottle and most importantly come prepared with a great attitude.


Complementary Session

If you haven't experienced training at Destination Fitness before, take advantage of our 100% complementary, no obligation, introductory session. Just come and see how much you'll love training at Cairns' premiere kickboxing, MMA and boxing fitness studio!

Destination Fitness classes on offer:

Kickboxing Group Fitness


This is the greatest combat class ever created. Participants enjoy the fun and challenge of kickboxing and boxing training without the stress of sparring or the monotony of conventional fitness classes. It employs real fight combinations with the standard Destination Fitness non-stop intensity. No one class is ever the same with endless elbow, knee, kick and punch combinations that will leave you exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

Muay Thai and MMA - Fighters Development Program


Our Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) development program represents the pinnacle of the combat sport paradigm. Participants in this program develop the skills to achieve excellence as a personal goal or can take it to the next level and achieve great heights in the competitive arena. Coaches and trainers form a number of disciplines work with martial arts enthusiasts and fighters to develop personal goals, diets, strength and conditioning programs along with a great emphasis on Muay Thai and MMA technical support.

The Muay Thai program is run by master trainers Marc McDonnell and Dylan Bradley and together they bring over 50 years experience as both successful fighters and trainers. Under this program our fighters have reached national success and Destination Fitness is home to the current Australian Champion. Being such a strong country on the world Muay Thai stage translates to Destination Fitness being at the top its class.

The same type of commitment to excellence is being applied to the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Trainer Jason Pheonix is a seasoned fighter and has competed in boxing, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu and MMA. With over 15 years experience under his belt and still competing professionally, Jason is a wealth of knowledge and definitely the kind of fellow you want in your corner.

All fighters competing for Destination Fitness do so under the competition team name 'The Fight Academy'. The facts are that people know who we are and how we train, our name and team are a mark of excellence and command respect in the ring or the cage. If you train with 'The Fight Academy' you become part of a family of dedicated people who train hard, play hard and fight harder.

For more info on the fighter development program go the 'The Fight Academy' page.


Sparring and Technique


This class is the real deal and not for the faint-hearted and is designed so beginners to advanced martial artists can master their techniques in a slightly more realistic situation. Participants wear full protective equipment and use the kickboxing, boxing and MMA takedown combinations learnt in other classes in a controlled and structured environment, often concluding with sparing. If you are new to this class you learn the basics, if you are more experienced there is time to test your skills in the ring with full contact sparring.

Junior Muay Thai


Get your kids involved in a fun, yet mindful Martial Arts program focused on delivering the exciting sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing built on the age old traditions of respect, discipline and a strong moral code. Skipping, shadow boxing, striking pads, controlled contact technique and sparing as well as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and pull-ups to get them fighting fit and confident to tackle any obstacles that life may offer.

Destination Fitness Junior Muay Thai classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 8am. Our program is delivered by Destination Fitness Owner and School Teacher Jesse Zell in a safe environment where boys and girls can work at varying intensities depending on their fitness and technique abilities... no experience is required!

Get your kids involved in the ever growing team of Destination Fitness warriors. FIRST WEEK FREE!


Our formula for sucess = ( PASSION + SCIENCE + EXERCISE )