Muay Thai and MMA - Fighters Development Program


Our Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) development program represents the pinnacle of the combat sport paradigm. Participants in this program develop the skills to achieve excellence as a personal goal or can take it to the next level and achieve great heights in the competitive arena. Coaches and trainers form a number of disciplines work with martial arts enthusiasts and fighters to develop personal goals, diets, strength and conditioning programs along with a great emphasis on Muay Thai and MMA technical support.


The Muay Thai program is run by master trainers Marc McDonnell and Dylan Bradley and together they bring over 50 years experience as both successful fighters and trainers. Under this program our fighters have reached national success and Destination Fitness is home to the current Australian Champion. Being such a strong country on the world Muay Thai stage translates to Destination Fitness being at the top its class.

The same type of commitment to excellence is being applied to the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Trainer Jason Pheonix is a seasoned fighter and has competed in boxing, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu and MMA. With over 15 years experience under his belt and still competing professionally, Jason is a wealth of knowledge and definitely the kind of fellow you want in your corner.

All fighters competing for Destination Fitness do so under the competition team name 'The Fight Academy'. The facts are that people know who we are and how we train, our name and team are a mark of excellence and command respect in the ring or the cage. If you train with 'The Fight Academy' you become part of a family of dedicated people who train hard, play hard and fight harder.


Our formula for sucess = ( PASSION + SCIENCE + EXERCISE )